Strake three

Another excellent day at the St Ayles’ shed.

Strake 3 Рboth sides Рwere fixed in position and so we now are half way through the planking.


We also scarfed and glued both strake 4 planks that will be finally glued in place tomorrow night. In addition we scarfed both plank 5s which we can glue up tomorrow night in preparation for the Wednesday team.

We have developed the technique were we temporarily screw a plank on and then use it to fit the following plank. We then take it off to prepare and then do the final fix while other members of the team glue the scarfs on the following plank so they will be ready for the next session.

We also had a visit today from a member of the Men’s Shed in Augusta who are seriously considering building a St Ayles. If all the potential boats that we know of go ahead, we will have 8 boats this time next year in Western Australia. Watch out Tasmania!


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