She is all planked up😀

We have finally finished the planking of Boat #1. The last plank, Port 6, was glued into place on Wednesday night. It was great that the Club’s Bosun, Nathan, who has done so much in preparing our perfect little workshop, happened to drop in just as the last clamps we’re going on.


As mentioned in the previous post Charles Colvin has started the oars. He insisted that I got a feel of the oar in its early stages. We have sourced some very nice Oregon and Charles is doing a great job so we should have some great oars for the boats.


The next stage is to fit the keel and outer stems. This should be finished by next Wednesdsy so we plan to have a turning over party next Thursday evening. We will ask Brian Cain to invite the bar to wander down to the shed after Thursday sailing results to give us a hand.


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