Boat # 2 underway

With Boat #1 off the moulds it is time to get cracking on Boat # 2.

With the moulds already set up from Boat # 1 it was just a matter of adding the frames we had already glued together to the moulds and laminating the inner and outer stem and stern.

The setup was then carefully checked to ensure all was lined up around the centerline. A laser was used to do this which is a great advance on a piece of string because it gives a three dimensional picture of the set up.


The Laser lighting up the centre of the stern and along the floor to check that the stem is also lined up.


Boat #2 ready to go while Boat #1 looks on

It was then a matter of fitting the hog and bevelling both it, the frames and the stem and stern.


Steve Ward scribing the bearded line onto the apron.

We also offered up the garboard and checked it was sitting comfortably on the frames and stems before scarfing and glueing it together as well as its partner.

All going well we should get the garboards on next Monday.



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