Boat #2 turned over

Last night the team gathered to take our second St Ayles Skiff off the moulds and turn her over.

We then wheeled her out of the shed to join her sister.


The building frame was then removed and taken over to the Dragon shed from where it will be picked up by the team that plans to build two St Ayles skiffs for the Navy Sea Cadets.

Our skiffs were then put side by side in the St Ayles Shed.


The plan now will be to start fitting the inwhales and gunnels to the first boat while we start cleaning and filling the interior of the second.

Ready to roll


Boat #2 is all but ready to turn over.

The outer stems and keel have been fitted and plugged.

The hull has been filled and sanded.

Tomorrow afternoon we will do the final sanding at then turn her over at 1800.

Major progress


Rob Perrin and Charles Colvin working on the rudders and oars.


We have had a big week getting strake 4 and 5 on to the hull of Boat #2.

We are also making good progress on the first set of oars and the rudders.

Next week we will finish the planking on Boat #2 and start fitting the keel and outer stems before lifting her off the moulds and turning her over.