Launch Day





Great evening as Dotsie and Ripple hit the water for the first time. Congratulations to the building team led by Steve Ward.

Now to figure out how to get the best from these boats for Club Members.


The Skiffs are finished🙂


Our two St Ayles Skiffs that we started building at RFBYC on July 6th 2015 are finished.

Ripple and Dotsie have their names on the bow and their Club on their sides thanks to a kind donation from Michael Duffield of Artek Signs.

Tomorrow, the 28th January, they will be launched at 1745 at RFBYC.

Launch date set

The launch date for both boats has now been set as 1745 Thursday 28th January.

The launch will be at the eastern end of the RFBYC fueling dock.

Both boats will be swung into the Swan River simultaneously and will then be rowed to the dinghy lawn.

As is always the case when a launch is imminent we are full on getting ready.

The final paint coats are being applied, second set of oars finished, rudders hung and painted and so it goes on.


Rob Perrin working on one of the rudders


Steve Ward applying the final coat to Boat #1 while Charles Colvin leathers the second set of oars